Myself in two columns.

You can bridge the distance between us
by taking a look at my tastes in life.
Are we compatible, complementary, or opposite?
No matter what the perimeter looks like now,
we can expand (together).

I like

Hygge lifestyle・Lagom・Hammocks・ Stories・Red wine・White wine・Ok, wine・Details・Marc Augé and non-places・Calligraphy・Krakow ・Concept stores・My semi-secret nooks all over the world・Volcanoes ・Forbes ・Letters・Pecan nuts ・Istanbul ・Being an early adopter ・Telepathy・fluffy blankets・Airports・The five-second rule・San Francisco・Miley performing "Jolene"・Harari・
Breakfast in bed・Long hugs・8-bit・Gentrification・Fancy candles・Typewriters・Warm towels・Kinfolk magazine・Gratitude・Belgrade・Adrenaline・Poetry・Raclette・Hoodies・Chia seeds・Franzen・French-kissing・Memories・Laughs・Busting biases・Random inspiration・Guy Debord's Derive・Sarcasm・Starry nights・Going full velociraptor when Singing・Witty remarks・Joep Beving・
A nice mise en place・Connecting dots・Activated charcoal・Viktor Frankl・Listening to elders・Art parties・Flamingos and unicorns and mermaids・Farm-to-table・MBTI・Different cultures・Cold-pressed anything・Hot baths・Semantics・My mom's heart・Little bats・India Pale Ale・Eric Satie・Taking a spin on a shopping cart・Fluffy white clouds・Polaroids・Max Richter・Gastropubs・Tote bags・Meraki・Pinky swears・Matte lipsticks・Pizza・Semiotics・Vinegar・Physics・Man buns・The sober scent of paper・Family・Serendipity・Pillow talks・Cioran・Kind cops ・Randomness・Quinoa・Irony・Travels・Festivals・Good friends・The Higgs boson・Cooking with passion・Old mixtapes・Coffee・Tenderness・Vintage finds・Strangers to friends・Self-development・Porch swings・Trains・Fireflies・Indie music・Reddit ・Naps・Maps・Herbal teas・Symmetry・Carbs・Philip Glass・Reciprocity・T-rex・Succulents・Social chameleons who can fit anywhere・Pastel hues・Graceful people・Talking to strangers・Taking big trips out of my comfort zone・Pear and chocolate everything・Nyckelharpa・Messing up algorithms・Alpacas・You.


I don't like

Anyone who is rude to waiters・[Ditto those who patronize them]・Calypso music・Fanny packs・Spiders・Typos・Tantrum-throwing spoiled brats・Math-rock・PowerPoint・Cheesy pick-up lines・Licorice・Funky music・Pens that smear・Van Halen's Jump・Dealing with pouters and sulkers・Sushi・One-ply toilet paper・[and squat toilets] ・Yellow submarine・Fortified wines・Devices that need triple A batteries・Forced rhymes in poetry・Coca-cola, Coke zero, Diet Coke, Pepsi, whatever cola・Unrealistic suggested serving sizes・People who stand too close when talking to me・Poor manners・Sparkling water that isn’t sparkling anymore・'We'll be right back' temporary signs・Funky Music・Fixed rules・The 'it's always be done like that' attitude・Fake empathy・Mean people using the 'I'm a broken soul' reason to belittle others