Creative gardening


I'm a weird creative coach. I want my "plants" to grow up lushier, stronger, more resilient than others.

I do my best to let them absorb nutrients from the richest resource soil in a challenging but respectful, cooperative and friendly and human-centered environment.

My plants deserve a combo of personal and professional growth plan: I usually schedule monthly happiness check-ups.

Problem solving can't be consider as a skill anymore. Of course you're asked to solve problems, but you must be trained to identify the origin of the issue, remove it, replace with a highly functioning pattern and possibly, somewhere along the way, find new opportunities. I want to improve things, not just defend processes and keep things the same for tradition's sake. Old ways won't open new doors.


How do I plant my seeds? Through...

  • customer-centric product management

  • omni-channel content development

  • social media priming and polishing

  • storytelling techniques

  • emotional branding

  • brand naming and personas creation

  • customer retention strategies

  • organic brand loyalty

  • timeless steps to better writing

  • naked writing (huh?)

  • art & copy matters

  • communication bias insights

How do I water my plants? Through...

  • secrets to productive meetings

  • free daily resources

  • international trends and forecasts

  • the analysis of past mistakes

  • reliable ways to spark creativity

  • the identification of triggers, patterns and drivers 

  • professional playtime (huh?)

How do I help them flourish? I teach them...

  • how to avoid self-sabotage at work

  • how to banish harmful thought patterns

  • active listening

  • stress-free task management

  • how to unlock creativity

  • how to explore

  • insecurity-crashing tools

  • strategies for overcoming creative block

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